Opportunities for a New Economy
in the Visayas​
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We are working closely with our partners to deliver SUSTAINABLE LIVELIHOOD PROGRAMS to  local communities 

Agriculture Initiative Dispersal (AID) Program -
one of our main projects this year.

This livelihood initiative will provide opportunities and resources to help people help themselves.  Using the “Pass On” principle, those helped assist others, ensuring program sustainability. 

It aims to encourage communities where people can improve their life through their own efforts.The AID initiative provides both physical and technical opportunities and resources to ensure that recipients are able not only to help themselves and others but to create and increase conversions in the management of local ecology involving resources that should sustain healthy communities.
ONEVisayas Incorporated is a non–stock, non–profit organization that brings together ideas, links, information, alliances and resources to grow conversions and raise the quality of life in the Visayas, Philippines. It seeks to address economic barriers to human development in the region.
ONEVisayas regularly features in the local news, from organising Symposhows in local universities, introducing students to political discussion, organising local Farmers' congress meetings and associations, to the ground breaking of our Integrated Technical Farm in Cabaohan, Pastrana, Leyte in August 2016.
We are a humanitarian aid organisation running an Agriculture Initiative Dispersal (AID) project from our eco-farm in Pastrana, Leyte. The AID encourages the “Pass On” principle, whereby those helped pass on, from their first assisted produce, a bag of seeds or pair of breeding livestock to others in need. It aims to encourage communities where people can improve their life through their own efforts. 
ONEVisayas was incorporated in 2016 and received our SEC Registration in November of that year. We have recently been appointed by the Pastrana LGU to assist with their Comprehensive Land Use and Development Plan and to conduct training on livelihood, work values and financial literacy. We are currently developing training, accomodation and storage facilities at our Cabaohan Farm to facilitate these services.